CJ Rear Bumper No Body Lift Bare 76 Newer Jeep CJ TNT Customs

Rear Bumpers
TNT Customs

CJ Rear Bumper No Body Lift Bare 76 Newer Jeep CJ TNT Customs. High Clearance Jeep CJ rear bumper. Increased Departure angle and added strength. Add strength to your Jeep CJ(1976 or newer) frame with a TNT heavy duty replacement rear frame bumper. Constructed of 3/16 inch plate steel, it includes 3/4 inch shackle mounts and back-up light cutouts.
Available Options:
CBR0 CJ Rear bumper for use with no body lift
CBR1 CJ Rear bumper for use with 1 inch body lift
CBROLK CJ Rear bumper no body lift, with light cutouts and light kit
CBR1LK CJ Rear bumper 1 inch body lift, with light cutouts and light kit

  • 3/16 inch plate steel construction
  • Back-up light cutouts
  • 3/4 inch shackle mounts
  • Crafted in the USA

Note: Welding is required


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